Yang Yunhan (1957, Tapei China)

In late June of 2015, Google released source code of Deepdream: Artificial Intelligence Neural Network as a tool for scientists to study artificial intelligence; however, artists having a different view, I was fascinated what this tech can be used not only as an expression tool but also the subject matter in art. Particularly, what the impact of A. I. can do to society, especially our daily live and how we human beings view the tech, in what ways.


Way back in the 90s, I had my MS degree in multimedia in the 90s and had a joint exhibition specializing in the field of after touch in digital art. However, I changed my professional filed from art to science to embrace the era of Internet in late 90s. Having almost ten years since then in the internet industries, my jobs were not only in computing but also in internet marketing in bio-tech related field as well.



My exhibition called, “Four Dimension Discussion”, a joint-exhibition by two artists, called “Twin Cloud Vision” at Yellow River Art Center in Taichung, Taiwan in the summer of 1992.
My part of the presentation specialized in digital media manipulation field.

A 58” long animation, called “Spider’s Evolution” being broadcasting live at Candlestick Stadium, SF, USA

Yunhau Yang

Galerie Kunstbroeders is onderdeel van Noviarte B.V.

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