Liu Baomin


In comparison to his previous series of works, “Big Stage”, which were filled with life-like depictions of reality, the series “Extreme Illusion” by Liu Baomin cast doubts itself. This series is a visual account which opposes the sense of reality, and therefore the paintings of Liu Baomin portray everything that happened and his happening in the world as nothing but a sense of void


What the artists portray is neither his inner self nor the objects themselves; instead what he depicts in his work is an intermediate layer between self and object, an element similar to the visual iconic medium of frosted glass. Liu Baomin is concerned with the existence of the images themselves: letting forms peel off from the objects, signifying the existence of the images themselves. What the images by Liu Baomin portray is not the appearance of images themselves; on the contrary, the artist tries to let the pictorial nature become a symbol for the personal experience.




Liu Baomin

Galerie Kunstbroeders is onderdeel van Noviarte B.V.

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